GMAT Pill Course Review

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GMAT Pill is not the most comprehensive GMAT test prep course, but it is a cheap and effective option. See if GMAT Pill is the course for you by reading my course overview, breakdown of the features, pros of the course, description of prices and plans, and recommendation.

Overview of GMAT Pill

GMAT Pill is a somewhat lesser-known prep company. Their focus is on preparing students for the GMAT in as little time as possible. They do this using 6 programs that they call ‘pills.’ These programs cover everything you need to know for the GMAT. The first pills cover sentence correction and critical reasoning. Then, reading comprehension and problem solving follow. And finally, data sufficiency and integrated reasoning round off the subject areas that GMAT Pill covers.

Each module or study area focuses on learning, retention, and practice, with the end result being mastery of subject-matter areas. You can purchase individual pills for the areas you need the most help in. As a result, GMAT Pill is a great option for budget-restricted students. It also works great for those who want custom learning for specific areas of weakness.

Features of GMAT Pill

GMAT Pill has a 3-step approach for preparation. In this process, students are first given a strong foundation for their concepts. Regular tests help to improve student strengths in subject matter areas. A detailed, systematic, and easy-to-follow plan for the entire 30 days’ duration of the course is also provided. This helps in planning things and keeping your studies moving forward.

Practice tests and so much testing helps students really learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Regular tests also help in pacing progress and reaching scoring targets. Having targets helps in maintaining student motivation as well. Student confidence rises as they hit their targets. Furthermore, regular testing and a paced study schedule ensure you don’t slack. Remember: complacency is the enemy of the motivated learner!

Students always go back to the core frameworks involved in different problems once they have the right foundation. This further cements concepts in the mind of the student and helps make subject-matter fundamentals second-nature. Once mastery is attained, students are expected to be able to really understand the problems that they are attempting. This will help them in arriving at the correct solution for similar questions that are faced in the future.

Pros of GMAT Pill Courses

Higher scores in less time

Because you have the option of purchasing only the pills that you actually need, you can save a substantial amount of time and money by not buying course material for areas that you are confident of your abilities in. However, because not every student really knows what exactly their strengths and weaknesses might be, picking and choosing pills can be a little tricky. However, the GMAT Pill system does allow you to keep track of all the questions you answer correctly and coaches you with respect to what you should study and focus on next. This allows you to pick specific pills, study, and then purchase additional pills for other areas if needed.

Also, using the pill approach, students first learn all of the core frameworks that they need to know for each section of the test. They then learn how to apply those frameworks and fundamentals once they really understand them. This helps them arrive at the right answer for future questions that they attempt.

Practice questions

One of the most useful features of this course is access to a repository of questions that can be attempted at any time. This feature is special because it helps you get a hang of your strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, timed quizzes help you get into the groove of taking the actual test, and you can always attempt additional questions as needed to make sure you get as much practice as you possibly can before test-day.

Other GMAT Pill Benefits

In addition to online videos, practice questions, adaptive tests, and an easy-to-follow structure, GMAT Pill also comes with mobile apps. These apps are easy to use and can really help with studying on the go. A money back guarantee, a score guarantee, and budget-friendly pricing make this course a winner. To compare it with, say, Kaplan’s GMAT course, Kaplan focuses on the strengths and expertise of their in-class trainers. The GMAT Pill, however, helps students ace the GMAT on their own. They do this using online videos and all the other learning material and resources that the course offers.

GMAT Pill Prices and Plans

GMAT Pill courses generally cost between $120 for a single pill and $440 or so for longer courses. The online courses come with over 80 hours’ worth of instruction time for all 6 pills. They also include 1,000 questions and adaptive practice tests. Additionally, you can purchase shorter or longer-term programs. What you buy depends on how long you want to be able to retain access to the course materials after the test.

My Recommendation for GMAT Pill

Other courses we’ve reviewed may be better for students who need live interaction or one-on-one tutoring. However, for a quick and relatively inexpensive prep course for the GMAT, GMAT Pill is the option to go for. A 100% refund is on offer if you are not completely satisfied with the course. A score guarantee and around the clock support are also provided. Finally, and quite importantly, it is as good and yet substantially cheaper than most alternative online prep courses out there.

About the Author Saad Mohammad

Saad is a GMAT teacher and mentor. As a member of the I Pass Team led by Stephanie Ng, Saad is our expert on all things GMAT!