Magoosh GMAT Prep: Our Favorite GMAT Course

magoosh gmat prep

Magoosh GMAT Prep offers exam candidates unparalleled value and quality content. In fact, this GMAT test prep option is our favorite. Learn why by reading our course overview, take on the course pros and cons, course options, recommendation, and more.

Overview of Magoosh GMAT Prep

Our team highly recommends Magoosh GMAT! In fact, it is our favorite course, and a member of our team even used it to get a very high score on their own exam.

Of all the available options for GMAT prep, Magoosh provides the best value. But what we love most about Magoosh is their strong desire to help you earn the highest score you possibly can. Magoosh’s team provides you with everything you need to study effectively and secure the score you need.

We’ve gone through lessons and drilled down on questions in the latest version of Magoosh to provide you with all the information you need to know about this top-rated GMAT prep course.

magoosh gmat

Pros of Magoosh GMAT Prep

Magoosh really offers all the GMAT course essentials. So, we’ve addressed all of the most important course components separately to simplify things for you. With Magoosh, your Premium GMAT course will include:

  • 300 bite-sized lessons
    • Magoosh breaks these lessons down into the main topic areas tested on the GMAT. Additionally, the lessons are pretty short, so that you can comprehend the content without losing focus.
    • These 300 lessons include 20 video lecture hours led by actual GMAT experts.
  • 1,250 questions
    • Not only will you receive detailed answer explanations with each question, but you’ll also find a complete question walkthrough video within each answer explanation.
    • That’s an additional 1,250 videos!
  • Detailed analytics
    • With each question you complete, Magoosh will tell you how you are performing.
    • You’ll also have access to high-level and detailed performance data.
  • Robust quiz-building options
    • You’ll have what appears to be an endless amount of quiz-building options.
    • Want to come back to questions you took longer to answer than other candidates? Feel like answering questions that are rated difficult? Or maybe you’d like to answer questions for which you haven’t yet watched any video explanations? There are quiz building options for all these scenarios and many more too!
  • Mock exam and exam-emulation
    • The Magoosh platform and mock exam look very similar to the real GMAT exam. So, you’ll be well prepared by exam day.

The Premium Magoosh course also gives you full access to ALL the testable content on the GMAT exam: IR, AWA, Quantitative, and Qualitative.

Magoosh also has score improvement guarantees. For example, if you take an exam before and after your Magoosh course completion and don’t improve your score by at least 50 points, you’ll receive a full refund (see Magoosh’s website for limitations).

Cons of Magoosh GMAT Prep

The biggest drawback to Magoosh is that it provides fewer practice questions than some other GMAT courses. We know this is partly because Magoosh has detailed video answer explanations for each practice question. However, we’d love to see Magoosh add more questions to its course in the very near future.

That said, Magoosh is one of the only providers to supply a mobile app and a free course trial. Therefore, we think the number of questions shouldn’t cause candidates too much concern.

And if it does, we highly recommend adding Magoosh to another review course and supplementing with the amazing lessons and video answer explanations.

Magoosh GMAT Course Options

  1. Math + IR Self-Study
    • Does not include all testable topics
    • Only has 700 questions and 150 lessons
    • +3 math score guarantee
    • 1 year of access
    • Email assistance
    • Price: $219
  2. Premium
    • Includes all testable topics
    • Has over 1,250 questions and 300 lessons
    • +50 score guarantee
    • 1 year of access
    • Email assistance
    • Score predictor
    • Price: $249
  3. Premium + Tutoring
    • Everything in Premium, plus 6 hours of 1:1 tutoring (via Skype)
    • Price: $799

My Recommendation for Magoosh GMAT Prep

Unless you’re incredibly strong in the verbal section, we recommend the Premium option. The Math + IR option is a bit too light for us to recommend it.

If you take an initial exam and score much lower than anticipated, you may also want to consider the Premium + Tutoring option.

Finally, you can purchase tutoring separately from Magoosh. However, doing so might lead you to spend more than you would on the Premium + Tutoring bundle.

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