Manhattan Prep GMAT Course Review

manhattan prep gmat course

Manhattan Prep GMAT courses can help you ace the GMAT with interactive classes, highly trained instructors, thousands of questions, videos, and practice tests, and numerous learning modes that you can pick from based on your unique needs. Find out if Manhattan Prep GMAT courses are right for you with my overview of the course, discussion of the pros and cons, list of course options, and recommendation.

Overview of Manhattan Prep GMAT Course

The Manhattan Prep GMAT Course uses an in-classroom format. It also provides one-on-one private tutoring. Additionally, the course includes a well-planned course syllabus with learner-focused teaching strategies that are designed and taught by experienced GMAT instructors.

Manhattan Prep GMAT courses and learning plans have been developed by a team of professionals, educational researchers, and business school admissions consultants. Moreover, the course not only teaches important GMAT content but also teaches performance-enhancing strategies that ensure Manhattan Prep students get the highest GMAT score possible. For this reason, Manhattan GMAT tutors are required to score on the 99th percentile on the GMAT and have extensive experience teaching and tutoring students before they can become a Manhattan tutor.

Features of Manhattan Prep GMAT Course

Some of the best features of the Manhattan Prep GMAT are high-definition videos, a large number of practice questions, excellent study materials, and expert guidance. Details on specific features are as below.

  • 35+ interactive video-based lessons
  • 4,200+ online quiz bank questions
  • 10 strategy guide books
  • 6 full-length computer adaptive practice questions
  • In-classroom or live-online tutoring
  • On-demand options
  • Interactive online syllabus
  • Private tutoring
  • A test simulation booklet
  • Essay grading software
  • One-on-one coaching from experienced instructors
  • E-book downloads

Pros of Manhattan GMAT Prep Course

Variety of Course Offerings

Manhattan GMAT Prep has all the bases covered with its in-person, live-online, on-demand, and private tutoring options for the GMAT test. There are several options from which to choose, such as their intense 2-week boot camp course that takes place right before the exam or the 2 or more months’-long advanced course.

What’s more, the Manhattan GMAT interactive course features everything on the GMAT test. Alternatively, you can opt for the Quant course or the Verbal course only to save on cost. You can even choose one specific area to focus on if you need additional practice. Finally, private tutoring is also provided, which is not the case with all other prep courses out there.

Free GMAT Study Materials

Students get access to an impressive amount of free study materials. For example, full-length computer-adaptive practice exams, challenge problems, flashcards, and weekly one-and-a-half hour study lessons are all available for free. Manhattan Prep also provides access to more than 4,200 GMAT practice questions. Additionally, they offer more than 35 interactive video lessons and several volumes of strategy guides for free. And, all the books and concepts in the prep course are explained in a simple and straightforward manner.

Free Trial

There are many GMAT prep courses out in the market, and this can make it difficult to narrow down the best prep course to use. Therefore, Manhattan GMAT Prep allows students to attend a trial class with one of their tutors or access to their online platform. Consequently, this feature helps students make a decision quickly.

Access to a Mobile App Version

Manhattan GMAT Prep comes with a mobile app that allows on-the-go studying. The app provides learners with access to over 1,100 practice questions. It also allows you to track your progress. Finally, it provides explanations of all the study materials included in the course itself.

Award-Winning Program

Manhattan’s prep features an award-winning online instruction software. Furthermore, this software provides an engaging experience that comes with the same level of empathy, expertise, and guidance that students would typically only get with an in-person instructor.

Cons of Manhattan GMAT Prep Course


The Manhattan course offers unique opportunities for personalized guidance and highly intensive learning. However, access to all of these features drives the price of package way up, as can be seen from the course options section below.

Limited Availability of In-Person Tutoring

In-person prep courses are not available everywhere. Therefore, Manhattan prep’s in-person opportunities are a bit more restricted than others and may not be as widely available as other options.

No Guarantee

Manhattan GMAT Prep is perhaps the only prep course that doesn’t offer students a score improvement guarantee. Yet, the fact that it is one of the more expensive prep courses means it would have been nice to offer students with a performance guarantee.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course Options

The Manhattan Prep GMAT offers students a variety of specialized course packages to choose from. Options range from self-guided packages to tutoring plans and instructor-led courses that can be either online or in-person. Furthermore, other options include Boot Camps, which are 2 to 3-week high-intensity courses geared toward helping with admission to specific schools. Additionally, all of these packages offer access to Manhattan Prep’s award-winning software called ‘Interact.’ Finally, in case you are undecided about which prep course to use, Manhattan GMAT prep provides you with a free trial of the course before you make a purchase.

Quantitative Only or Verbal Only Courses

Cost: $599

The Interact GMAT Course

This course provides a self-study or an online course option that costs $999. Additionally, it includes:

  • 35+ interactive video lessons
  • 10 strategy guides
  • 6 full-length GMAT practice tests
  • An online practice tracker
  • Manhattan Prep’s official GMAT mobile app
  • An interactive syllabus

The Advanced Interact Course

This course comes with coaching sessions. This program costs $1,399 and also includes:

  • 35+ interactive video lessons
  • 10 strategy guides
  • 6 full-length GMAT practice tests
  • An online practice tracker
  • Manhattan Prep’s official GMAT mobile app
  • An interactive syllabus
  • An additional 3 hours of one-on-one tutoring

The Live GMAT Course

This course costs $1,599-$1,699 depending on the student’s location. Furthermore, it provides:

  • 35+ interactive video lessons
  • 10 strategy guides
  • 6 full-length GMAT practice tests
  • An online practice tracker
  • Manhattan Prep’s official GMAT mobile app
  • An interactive syllabus
  • An additional 3 hours of one-on-one tutoring
  • 27 hours of classroom instruction
  • Custom one-on-one time with an instructor
  • Unlimited online advice from GMAT instructors
  • A question bank
  • Essay-grading software
  • eBook downloads
  • And more

The GMAT Boot Camp Course

The GMAT Boot Camp Course costs $2,699-$2,999 depending on the student’s location. It includes 2 weeks of intensive in-class work along with one-on-one teacher-student coaching.

My Recommendation for the Manhattan Prep GMAT Course

The Manhattan Prep GMAT course offers a plethora of course options that make it very appealing to the motivated test-taker. From live and on-demand options to comprehensive subject reviews and specialized workshops, the Manhattan Prep provides something unique for everyone. However, the prices they charge may be a bit on the higher side than other competing prep courses. Yet, many students who reviewed the course agree that it is worth it. Many also agree that the course’s unique features help students leverage decades of prep success. Therefore, this makes the course price worth the cost. For this reason, you should choose Manhattan Prep if you are looking for a thorough prep course and don’t mind what you will have to spend on it.

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