Target Test Prep GMAT Course Review

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Target Test Prep for GMAT focuses on preparing students for the quantitative sections of the GMAT. It offers live instructor classes, hundreds of videos and practice tests, and a trial that costs just $1. Find out if the Target Test Prep GMAT courses are for you by checking out my overview of the courses, the features, pros and cons, packages, and my recommendation.

Overview of Target Test Prep GMAT Courses

The GMAT test is a global computer-adaptive test. Along with your academic record, work experience, recommendations, and other supporting materials, your GMAT scores are used by graduate business programs to assess your preparedness for graduate-level academic work.

While passing the GMAT test can be a daunting task, there are numerous ways to prepare for the test. Target Test Prep for GMAT is one of a handful of recommended preparatory courses that will help you prepare before you take the test.

Target Test Prep GMAT is an innovative self-study course that focuses on helping students improve their scores on the quantitative sections of the GMAT. It offers a carefully-designed approach that provides learners with clear and comprehensive study materials that focus on quant problem-solving. Students who enroll in the program are also given personalized tutoring from expert instructors. As a result, these test-takers learn how to solve even the most challenging of quant problems on the GMAT.

Features of the Target Test Prep GMAT Course

Some of the highlights of the Target Test Prep GMAT course include:

  • 800+ HD instructor-led videos
  • 3,000+ practice questions
  • 140 chapter tests
  • 500+ individual lessons
  • A step-by-step study plan
  • Templates that allow for note-taking
  • Intelligent performance analytics
  • Customization based on individual learners’ test performance
  • A custom test creation tool
  • Interactive study calendar
  • Private tutoring options
  • 24/7 live support

Pros of Target Test Prep GMAT Courses

Well-Designed Platform

The Target Test Prep GMAT course is very user-friendly. The course’s dashboard is easy to navigate, and learners will have no difficulty in locating course modules and test options. The platform also includes an online note-taking template and an interactive study calendar that enable students to mark their test dates so that they can customize their study schedule. Furthermore, students can bookmark specific chapters, modules, or questions that they may want to revisit again.

The platform also offers students 2 unique study options. The first option involves following the regular course plan in which the student first reads all the information within a module, attempts a few practice questions, and then takes the test. Alternatively, they can try the ‘short-study plan’ option which is a great plan for those who do not have enough time to prepare. It allows students to take practice questions before studying the lessons, helping them identify their weaknesses and focusing on topics they find difficult.

Over 800 Instructor-led HD Videos

The course offers plenty of video solutions embedded within the study modules that provide practice questions. These videos provide detailed explanations and answers to the practice questions. Moreover, there are links to specific study modules that take the learner back to the lesson that has the most relevant material regarding specific questions.

Experienced Tutors

The Target Test Prep GMAT course offers access to qualified tutors who can provide help to students all over the world. They offer personalized instructions and strategies that can help students solve problems accurately and easily. These tutors interact with students via Skype and WebEx.

Flexible Pricing Options with Higher Score Guarantee

The Target Test Prep GMAT course offers a full refund of the purchase price if your GMAT quant score doesn’t rise after using the course. There are a few stringent requirements that need to be fulfilled for a refund to be guaranteed, however. Furthermore, with this course, you can choose flexible pricing options such as month-by-month payment, a 4-month payment plan, or a 6-month payment plan, which makes things a little easier in terms of payment.

$1 Trial for 5 Days

It costs only one dollar to try out the Target Test Prep GMAT course for five days. During these five days, there are no automatic recurring payments that you have to cancel, nor any other obligations. Five days are generally sufficient to determine whether or not you want to continue with the course or cancel your subscription.

Practice Tests and Diagnostic Exams

Practice tests within the course are easily customizable, and the student can easily switch between easy, medium, or hard chapters or practice tests. Furthermore, students can select a quant score that they are aiming for and customize their learning experience accordingly. Detailed analytics within the course help students identify which questions and topics are giving them a hard time. As a result, they will be able to spend more time focusing on those areas.

Cons of Target Test Prep GMAT Courses

Focuses on the Quant Section Only

The GMAT tests students on a variety of areas, such as writing skills, analytical skills, verbal skills, quantitative skills, and integrated reasoning. However, the Target Test Prep GMAT course doesn’t address other sections of the GMAT and only focuses on the quantitative sections of the test. Private tutoring for the other sections must be purchased for an additional fee.

Target Test Prep GMAT Course Pricing Plans

GMAT Flexible Preparation Plan

This plan features a recurring monthly bill of $99 that can be canceled at any time. It includes access to over 500 individual lessons, over 3,000 realistic GMAT practice questions, over 800 HD GMAT tutor videos, OnTarget learning analytics, which is a custom practice engine, and live support.

The GMAT Dedicated Study Plan

This plan offers unlimited access for four months through a one-time bill of $299 (equal to $74.75 per month). It includes everything provided in the GMAT flexible preparation plan.

The GMAT Maximum Learning Plan

This plan offers unlimited access for six months through a one-time bill of $399 (equal to $66.50 per month). It includes everything offered in the GMAT flexible preparation plan.

My Recommendation for Target Test Prep GMAT

Target Test Prep GMAT is a relatively new entrant in the test prep industry. However, it has received high praise from students who have improved their quant score after trying it out. The user-friendly and intuitive design of the course is quite impressive, and it appeals to most students. If you’re trying to decide on what GMAT prep method suits you, try the Target Test Prep GMAT course. It’s only $1 a trial, which is certainly worth the cost. Furthermore, it allows you to take a few days to see if you like the format of the course. If you do, you can subscribe and register for the course. If you want to improve your quant scores, this is worth a try!

About the Author Saad Mohammad

Saad is a GMAT teacher and mentor. As a member of the I Pass Team led by Stephanie Ng, Saad is our expert on all things GMAT!